Paradox Fading

Paradox Fading


As I have travelled through the land of Autism I have learned many things about the subject, many things about my daughter, and many things about people including myself.

i have learned most of all how far love can reach, how freeing myself of making judgements on others can liberate, and how no one has the right to rob us if hope no matter how genuine their intentions may be.

I have also learned that these things are limitless.

This book is a collaboration between myself and my daughter, who despite being able to say only a few words, can read and write fluently, currently with a little hand support. We work daily towards full independence in writing and typing. All the signs for success are there…!

The book is about all kinds of things and we hope you enjoy reading it.

All funds raised will go towards our organisation Angies Miracles, to pay for her continued Son Rise program facilitated by the Autism treatment centre of America.


Chapter 1 Dreams and fancies…

Falling off the page
The weight watching song
Camping up the senses
Harry’s House

Chapter 2 Discoveries

An old (picnic) bag
27 years of lost keys
Doing the best we can

Chapter 3 In her own words

A brush love story
Displeasing Animals
A love poem

Chapter 4 This here is the God bit

Hanging on in

Chapter 5 This girl…

We believe (mental)
Safety in numbers

Chapter 6 When all is said and done…
My life
Getting home
Paradox fading