Miracles 1 CD

Miracles CD

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  1. Me and the Queen – Written by: Tony Whiting, performed by: “The Logical Hairs”.
  2. Miracles by – Written and performed by: Gary Peters
  3. Under the Wire – Written and performed by: Daniel Ward-Murphy
  4. Desert Dusk (instrumental) – Written by: Richard Amey, performed by: Lucy Hughes
  5. Don’t Pretend – Written by: Briana Kish/Nigel Ratcliffe, performed by: Claire Booth
  6. Daisy Dancing – Written by: Trad/Babs Ratcliffe, performed by: Keith Charnley.
  7. Now I Know – Written by: Nigel Ratcliffe, performed by: Chris Davis
  8. Sheremetiev – Written and performed by: Gary Peters
  9. Tell Me What to Say – Written and performed by: Chris Davis

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Track 2 is published by Gary Peters.
Track 3 is published by Bucks Music.
All other tracks are published by Ratcliffe Creative

Engineered and Produced by Paul Linale.
Recorded at White Room Music, 2012.
Executive Producer: Nigel Ratcliffe.
Made in E U

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