Connections CD

Connections CD

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Released 1st February 2018


  1. Hold me Closer to You – Written by: Noel & Tricia Richards, performed by: Solveig Avina
  2. Free – Written by: Angie Ratcliffe, Tim Wagter & Nigel Ratcliffe, performed by: Georgia Ashman
  3. Missed Opportunity – Written by: Russ Bravo, performed by: Russ Bravo
  4. Armour – Written by: Declan Carroll, performed by: Declan Carroll
  5. Female Bruno Mars – Written by: Solveig Avina, performed by: Solveig Avina
  6. Fish Fingers (Instrumental) – Written by: Nigel Ratcliffe & Karen Simporis, performed by: Jonathan Frank, Karen Simporis, Steve Swyer (soloists)
  7. Artists and Makers (Poem) – Written by: Babs Ratcliffe, performed by: Babs Ratcliffe
  8. The River – Written by: Greg Harper, performed by: Greg Harper
  9. Sittin’ on the Porch – Written by: Al Campbell, performed by: Al Campbell
  10. Prelude: Say Goodbye – Written by: Amey: Verges, Mayo,Lindsey, Lindsey, performed by: Sarah Stirling

Copyright of all these songs remains with the authors/composers.

All tracks except 1 & 10 published by Ratcliffe Creative (

Engineered and Produced by Paul Linale
Recorded at White Room Music, 2016/17.
Executive Producer: Nigel Ratcliffe.

Made in EU

Minimum Donation: £10.00