Imagine a world where every sense is either overloaded or impossible to understand or so subtle that you can’t even feel it, for instance if you fall and cut your knee, where sounds are either so loud that they hurt or just seem like unintelligible whispers, where everyone barks at you in an incomprehensible language and the world whizzes by in a maelstrom of confusing colour.

Imagine that your only freedom from this world is to endlessly repeat an action that comforts you, to hum continuously to blot it out. And this is the only way to cope with all these confused and confusing sensations.

This is what an Autistic child experiences every minute of every day and their attempts to deal with it and make it manageable can be judged by us as unacceptable behaviour, flapping, spinning, lining things up, staring at lights or powerlines or fences. These are some of the ways an Autistic child will try to make sense of the confusing sensory input their central nervous system just cannot work with.

Autism is a Disorder of neural development which results in impaired abilities to socially interact and communicate with others. The person with Autism finds it hard to make sense of the world around them and will sometimes compensate with repetitive behaviours and routines.

It is a spectrum condition which means that while all people with Autism share certain difficulties some may achieve a good educational standard and live relatively independent lives, others will need lifelong specialist care.

Another common challenge of Autism is over- or under-sensitivity to sound, touch, taste, smell, lights, and colours which can cause the Autistic person to try to make things manageable by behaviours which to others may seem eccentric, quirky, or bizarre.

Autism can be frightening to other people but probably much more frightening to the person who has it. There is no break in it for them…

The Son-Rise Program®

The Son-Rise Program® teaches a specific and comprehensive system of treatment and education designed to help families and caregivers enable their children to dramatically improve in all areas of learning, development, communication and skill acquisition. It offers highly effective educational techniques, strategies and principles for designing, implementing and maintaining a stimulating, high-energy, one-on-one, home-based, child-centered program.

The Son-Rise Program® was originated by Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman in 1974 for their son, Raun, who was challenged by autism.

Their Autism education and social communication model has changed the way children with Autism are helped in many countries worldwide.