About Angie's Miracles

Angie Ratcliffe is thirteen years old, and is autistic and also has verbal dyspraxia. Her family wanted the opportunity to take her to the Autism Treatment Center of America in October 2012.

Thanks to your generosity we raised the money to get them there.

This trip has allowed Angie to have intensive therapy and analysis on the Son-Rise Program®. Her family have videos of American facilitators working with her. They have also received detailed advice on how they, and their volunteers, can bring Angie to a higher stage of communication and social interaction.

To date, Angie’s family have witnessed dramatic improvements in her quality of life and in her communication. In 2014, Angie started to write down her thoughts, opinions and aspirations. This progress has only been possible through the energy, enthusiasm and excitement of the supporters, volunteers and family who are committed to helping Angie.

Angie gets distressed and frustrated because she knows she cannot speak like other children and by giving her the opportunity to take part in the Son-Rise Program® she has found ways to manage her autism day to day.

But we need your help.

Please sponsor Angie. Donate and receive a CD or poetry book. Join the mailing list or the ‘Angie’s Miracles’ FaceBook page. The poetry book, ‘Paradox Fading’ includes poems written by Angie and her Mum.

For the future, we will be focused on building on the Son-Rise Program® principles at home and at Angie’s school Queen Elizabeth School, Horsham, West Sussex, exploring assisted communication through i-Pad software and accessing speech and language therapists with a specialism in verbal dyspraxia.

If a lot of people help out in a little way we can give her and her family the resources they need.

Thank You.