Angie Ratcliffe is fourteen years old, and is autistic and also has verbal dyspraxia. Her family wanted the opportunity to take her to the Autism Treatment Center of America in October 2012.

Thanks to your generosity, we raised the money to get them there.

This trip has allowed Angie to have intensive therapy and analysis on the Son-Rise Program®. Her family have videos of American facilitators working with her. They have also received detailed advice on how they, and their volunteers, can bring Angie to a higher stage of communication and social interaction.

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This short documentary was made in April 2013 before Angie demonstrated she could read and write.

Raising the Funds

Project 1

Thank you! You helped raise enough money to get Angie to the Autism Treatment Center of America in October 2012.

Funds raised: £10,243.33

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Connections Album

Limited to 500, initially, and supported by local artistes.

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Miracles Album

An album supported by local artists.

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Stealing Hope Album

Limited to 2000. An album supported by high profile international artists.

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Project 2

To pay for support for Angie’s Son-Rise Program and to develop the ongoing Speech Therapy and Assisted Communication aspects of it.

Funds raised: £9,285.98

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